1. Which of the following was not a member of the Chicao Bears 1963 Championship Team?

Mike Ditka

Dick Butkus

Johnny Morris

Dave O'Badovich
2. The Tunney-Dempsey Heavywight Championship fight that featured the notorious "long count,"
     was held at which location?

The Chicago Coliseum

The International Amphitheater

Chicago Stadium

Soldier Field
3. With two outs in the last of the ninth inning, who ruined Billy Pierce's perfect game?

Enos Slaughter

Jimmy Persall

Bill Tuttle

Ed Fitzgerald
4. Which Cub had the most single season home runs?

Hank Aaron

Ernie Banks

Dave Kingman

Ralph Kiner
5. Which player was not a member of the Chicago Blackhawks 1962 Stanley Cup
    Championship Team?

Bobby Hull

Pit Martin

Phil Esposito

Tony Esposito
6. Which Chicago Bull did not play with three of these?

Artis Gilmore

Jerry Sloan

Bob Love

Chet Walker
7. Which Chicago Bear also played for the New York Yankees?

Doug Atkins

Ronny Bull

George Halas

Bobby Douglas
8. Which one of these players was not on the 1959 American League Championship team?

Al Smith

Minnie Minoso

Jim Landis

Jim Rivera
9. Which Cub hit the famous "Homer in the Gloamin?"
Rogers Hornsby
Gabby Hartnett
Phil Cavaretta
Dee Fondy
10. Which player was a place kicker for the Chicago Cardinals?
Ollie Matson
King Hill
Lamar McHan
Pat Sumerall
11. Which player did not pitch a no-hitter for the Cubs?
Greg Maddux
Sam Jones
Ken Hotzman
Don Cardwell
12. Which player was a member of the Blackhawks' "Million Dollar Line?"
Eric Nesterenko
Dollard St. Laurent
Kenny Wharram
Red Hay
13. Which Chicago Bear rushed for six touchdowns in one game?
Red Grange
Gayle Sayers
Willie Galimore
Walter Payton
14. Which Chicago Bulls jersey number is currently retired?
Jerry Sloan
Michael Jordan
Norm van Lier
Tom Boerwinkle
15. What is the most runs ever scored by the White Sox - a Major League record?
16. Which Cub won 18 games in one season without starting a single game?
Moe Drabowski
Lee Smith
Dick Drott
Phil Regan
17. Which of these Clubs was named after a Chicago star player?
Toronto Blue Jays
Seattle Mariners
Sacramento Kings
Winnepeg Jets
18. Which Chicago Bull scored a last second NBA Championship winning shot?
Michael Jordan
Horace Grant
John Paxson
Scottie Pippen
19. Which Chicago Bear played Quaterback against the Green Bay Packers?
Roland Harper
Johnny Musso
William Perry
Walter Payton
20. Which former Cub coached the Chicago White Sox?
Don Kessinger
Eddie Stanky
Al Lopez
Leo Durocher

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